Below is a example of an estimate based off a home inspection, this file will arrive in a PDF format . Estimates are a great addition for negotiating at closing !

Estimates & Bids 

Our estimates and bids are detailed and accurate . Every estimate or bid is good for 6 months , we also refund any fee back to our customers if we do the work. Allow a 48 hour turnaround on estimates and bids please. 


$55.00 ( less than 25 line items)

$80.00 ( more than 30 line items)

$105.00 ( Less than 24 Hours/ Expedited)

On site  Bid :

$130.00 ( please allow 24-48 hour notice ) 

Bid After Estimate:


We use up to date pricing information based on the Metro Atlanta area. When exact mesaurements are unknown , we base prices off the per square or linear foot . 

Please email us your inspection report first , and once we have your estimate ready we will contact you and then you can proceed with payment .